The gill net and trawler fleet face large challenges due to the nature of the gear and its effect on fish quality. We aim to develop efficient and automatic catch handling systems to ensure high quality and microbial safety fish products.

The project will strive to reach the following five objectives:

  1. Improve initial quality and reduce catch damages of net caught fish
  2. Develop gentle and effective catch loading systems
  3. Develop concepts for sorting live fish before killing as part of a slaughter line on board the vessels
  4. Develop concepts for quality based differentiation of whole fish for adaptation to different market segments
  5. To document the hygienic status, in terms of quality and safety of the cod, and to assess the effects of new technologic catch handling solutions developed in the projects

Gentle and effective loading of catch is crucial in keeping the initial fish quality. Today, trawlers are loading catch by hauling the trawl cod end on deck by lifting it several meters. This loading technique leads to bruises on the fish and is also dangerous for the fishermen, especially in bad weather conditions. A new gentle system for loading of catch is essential both to keep catch quality and to ensure a secure working situation for the fishermen. To be able to implement effective loading systems on board whitefish trawlers it is necessary to customize systems adapted to trawlers. When the fish is landed it is crucial to sort live and dead fish immediately. Live fish can be stored, whereas dead fish should be processed at once. Sorting concepts for live and dead fish will be developed. The project will develop concepts to sort whole fish onboard to adapt quality to the different market segments.