Delicious QualiFish Day by the docks

Lofoten - Svolvær1 This year april 17th was no ordinary Friday in Kabelvåg Ils sportshouse – «Idrettshuset». It was the launching of QualiFish Day 2015, arranged in association with LofotFishing, with in total eight presentations on subjects ranging from fishing tools and quality to logistic challenges in the white fish industry. The day was a great success both for project partners and others in the audience. You could tell by observing a very excited audience.


Martin Rasmussen - Teknologiutvikling og hvitfiskindustrien1

QualiFish Day was not all about curricular events. Willing and curious participants also found time for team building kitchen activities, making exquisite sea food. Come Friday night, the tables was set for food quiz and culinary work shop by the Svolvær docks, hosted by XXLofoten.


Science partners and industry partners joined each others teams before taking to the kitchen to prepare the nights main courses. A la carte was delicious courses made from stockfish, cod and Greenland halibut.Middag XXlofoten - trolldeigsbakt blåkveite -kjøkkensjef, Einar Hallstensen