Collecting information for the whitefish survey

A doctoral student in the QualiFish work package regarding market strategies and economic perspectives has conducted a field trip to London and Paris to examine the availability of cod products and substitutes to its consumers. His findings will give input to a whitefish survey that will be rolled out this autumn.

He discovered that while chilled fish in London supermarkets are pre-dominantly thawed, chilled fish in Paris is not thawed. However, the London consumer is generally not aware of that the chilled fish is thawed. Also, the Parisians shop to a much greater extent with traditional fishmongers. A distribution channel that makes up 30% of the sales when one excludes Hotel Restaurant & Catering (HoReCa) in France. In London however retail is the distribution channel to consumers besides HoReCa.

London - Tesco

Photo by Jonas Torrisen.