Collecting information for the whitefish survey

A doctoral student in the QualiFish work package regarding market strategies and economic perspectives has conducted a field trip to London and Paris to examine the availability of cod products and substitutes to its consumers. His findings will give input to a whitefish survey that will be rolled out this autumn.

He discovered that while chilled fish in London supermarkets are pre-dominantly thawed, chilled fish in Paris is not thawed. However, the London consumer is generally not aware of that the chilled fish is thawed. Also, the Parisians shop to a much greater extent with traditional fishmongers. A distribution channel that makes up 30% of the sales when one excludes Hotel Restaurant & Catering (HoReCa) in France. In London however retail is the distribution channel to consumers besides HoReCa.

London - Tesco

Photo by Jonas Torrisen.

QualiFish presented to NFD

In June we got the opportunity to present the #QualiFish project to the Norwegian Ministry of Trade, Industry and Fisheries (NFD, Nærings og Fiskeridepartementet) employees during a breakfast seminar at the ministry. The meeting was initiated by the Norwegian research council to showcase how the BIONÆR Research Programme contributes in relation to solving the challenges the Norwegian fisheries is facing. QualiFish was one of three projects that were presented.